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The 5 Symptoms of Deficient Hair Salons and Basic Hair Stylists

It is 2017 and the availability of information along with advances in technology have made life easier in every industry. In the salon industry we have access to countless beauty products, new advanced equipment, hair color products that nearly formulate themselves, and ongoing professional Education.

With the great products and tools we have today why doesn't everyone have AMAZING HAIR!?

The simple answer is that many stylists lose their sense of artistry and professional tradesman-ship. Its an Issue of forgetting basics, cutting corners and lost passion for the industry. Almost every salon claims to be up to date, and on the cutting edge but just ask yourself these 5 questions the next time you are at the chair.

What are your first impressions?

When a client walks in the door of a salon they should be pleasantly greeted and made to feel welcome. After all they are going to spend money at this establishment which is certainly one of several options in the area. The client should recognize an atmosphere that is clean and introduces some positive feelings of comfort, brightness, and confidence. The stylists should be well kept and dressed professionally. A stylist cannot take care of a client if they cannot care for themselves.