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5 Features Offered by the Best Hair Salons

It is 2023 and the availability of information along with advances in technology have made life easier in every industry. In the salon industry we have access to countless beauty products, new advanced equipment, hair color products that nearly formulate themselves, and ongoing professional Education.

With the great products and tools we have today why doesn't everyone have AMAZING HAIR!?

The simple answer is that many stylists lose their sense of artistry and professional tradesman-ship. Its an Issue of forgetting basics, cutting corners and lost passion for the industry. Almost every salon, from New York City to Los Angeles, claim to be up to date, and on the cutting edge. Before you take their word for it, just ask yourself these 5 questions the next time you are at the chair.

The Signs of a Better Hair Salon

What are your first impressions?

When a client walks in the door of a salon they should be pleasantly greeted and made to feel welcome. After all they are going to spend money at this establishment which is certainly one of several options in the area.

The client should recognize an atmosphere that is clean and introduces some positive feelings of comfort, brightness, and confidence. The stylists should be well kept and dressed professionally. A stylist cannot take care of a client if they cannot care for themselves.

Do you have consultation and preparation?

When a client first sits in the chair the lines of communication need to be open both ways. Chair manners of the stylist should be professional and advice should be clear and concise. The stylist should be able to answer every question as to why you can or cannot or should or should not do something to your hair.

Once the vision is established the hair should be prepared for work. The shampoo process is absolutely critical. When the client is receiving color the hair should be clarified. The stylist should also be taking this time to feel the hair and identify the health of the hair.

How does the stylist work?

During the haircut, a good stylist will use good posture. They will also stay mindful of their clients posture ensuring that the client does not cross their legs, slouch, tilt their head, etc. They should make cuts with confidence, and remain hyper focused on their precision of work, making sure not to talk while making such important cuts.

What is in the product that will be going in your hair?

The salon and the stylist should be proud of the products they use to treat their clients hair. Often times the essence of the products used are a direct reflection of the brand, character, and artistry of the salon and stylist that use them. Some companies such as Kevin Murphy now make ammonia free hair color and use organic and naturally sourced ingredients.

The stylist should be proud of the products that they represent through their artistry. Your hair should feel good after a color or foils. Most salons still use cheaper products that require less talent and skill to apply. This helps the salon profit, but does very little to ensure the long term health and hold of the clients hair and color.

How are you finished?

It should be against the law to leave a salon with a wet head of hair. All services should start with a wash and end with a blowout to check for finish of cut and color or the effectiveness of a hair treatment.

The stylist should have recommended you product and stressed the importance of these salon grade products in maintaining the hair that the client just invested money into. The prescribed products should have clear and direct value to the client. For instance a client with hard water should have a clarifying shampoo, while a client with color should have a color formulated shampoo. If you straighten your hair every day you should have a heat defensive styling aid.

A client should leave the salon feeling better than when they came in, and the same person that greeted them should make it simple for them to come again. If you haven't had this type of experience at your salon, visit us at Salon Dior!


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