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Fall Hairstyles: Trends of 2023

Welcome Autumn! It's time to say goodbye to summer and embrace the cozy vibes of fall, complete with snuggly sweaters, hot drinks, cuddles, and the crispness in the air that we all love. Don't forget about the joy of jumping into a pile of leaves!

With the change of seasons comes the perfect opportunity for a personal refresh. Why not give yourself a makeover and experiment with a new hair color or style you've been thinking about?

Get ready to show off your stylish boots and scarves, because we've got the perfect sultry yet low-maintenance hairstyles for you. These looks have been dominating runways and red carpets in 2023, and now it's your turn to shine.

Our top 5 fall hairstyles for 2023:

1. Elevated Ponytail

Elevate your ponytail game with sleekness, twists, length, and a lower placement. This autumn, ponytails are a must-try, available in a variety of styles to suit your preference. While they're particularly great for long hair, there's more to a ponytail than just using an elastic band.

Achieve a sleek look with a flat iron and a glossy hair serum. If you have braids, ponytails will still look fantastic on you. Position your ponytail high for a bold statement, or wear it low for a laid-back vibe. Add a twist around the base to take it up a notch! Check out these tutorials for easy ponytail twists.

Feeling adventurous? Extra-long ponytails are all the rage this season, so don’t hesitate to try extensions!

2. The Bob: 2023 Edition

The bob is timeless, and in 2023, it’s trendier than ever. There's a bob for every hair texture, just waiting to be discovered.

Shag Bobs are perfect for natural curls and waves, offering an effortless and alluring look. Enhance it with volumizer and a diffuser, or keep it controlled with pomade.

Micro Bobs suit straight hair and those who dare to wear blunt bangs. This style hits just above or below the ear, highlighting your elegant neck and statement earrings.

The Bouncy Bob is universally flattering, with slightly longer layers that graze the shoulders. Add curls for extra bounce, and don’t forget the season’s trendiest hair accessories!

The Hybrid Bob, or “bixie,” combines the pixie cut and traditional bob. It’s versatile and suits any hair type, looking even better with accessories like headbands, hair clips, and beads. Think of it as the pumpkin spice of hairstyles.

3. Face Framing Pieces

2023 is all about framing your face with curtain bangs, layers, and braids. Ditch the contouring makeup and let your hair do the work.

  • Oval faces: Opt for longer layers starting just below the chin, perfect for thick, curly, or wavy hair.

  • Square faces: Keep layers light and minimal, with shoulder-length hair to soften the jawline.

  • Round faces: Choose between long layers for a slimming effect or shorter layers to accentuate cheekbones.

  • Heart-shaped faces: Start layers high to add dimension and balance.

Curtain bangs have been everywhere on the runways this year and are a versatile choice for any face shape.

4. Layered 90s Blowout

The 90s are back, baby! Embrace the effortless, tousled look with a layered blowout. This style works best with longer hair; just add a chop, some heat, and don’t forget the heat protectant.

Short-haired folks, you’re not left out—achieve 90s vibes with mousse and a bit of headbanging.

5. Sleek Bun

The sleek bun is a timeless updo that's perfect for anyone on the go, gaining popularity on red carpets in 2023. All you need is some anti-frizz serum and an elastic band. Play around with the placement and parting of your hair to suit your style. Any hair type can rock this classic look.

Fall Hair Color Trends of 2023

Now, let’s talk color. Autumn 2023 brings rich, warm hues to complete your transformation. Noir brown, smoked chestnut, carnelian copper, and tiger orange are the hottest colors of the season. Experiment with delicate highlights, melted roots, or shadow roots for added depth.

The leaves are changing, and so should you! Embrace your inner Autumn fox and try these top 5 fall hairstyles of 2023 today!


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