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How to Find the Right Balayage Near You

Finding the right salon, stylist, color, and hairstyle is challenging. There are a lot of factors to be considered before you decide, especially when it’s a style that requires a high level of skill.

Balayage hair has become one of the most popular hair trends for color styles and it takes an experienced hand to pull it off. Trial and error don’t really work when it comes to haircuts and styles because if it’s a major failure, it could take months to recover. That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks on how to find the right balayage near you.

What is a Balayage?

Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.” The technique acquired this name because of the sweeping motion the stylist uses to hand paint the color on the hair. The color transition occurs halfway down the hair and creates a natural fade look from the natural base color to the balayage hair color. This coloring technique can be used for darkening or lightening the hair style of your choice.

It can be done partially or fully over the entire mane of hair. Sometimes people prefer to do a mini balayage around their face to frame and enhance their facial features. You can keep the natural and subtle or go bold with the color transition.

Balayage Pros and Cons


This beloved technique is universal; it looks amazing on every hair type!

It’s also lower maintenance than traditional highlights, like foil highlights, or ombre.

Balayage allows you a longer grow-out period, so it doesn’t have to be refreshed as often.

This technique is unique because the stylist creates a custom blend of color for each person, so no two balayage styles are going to look alike.

If you’re looking for a natural, subtle look, this is the style for you. Because of the way the color is swept on, there is no demarcation color line.

Balayage is also a very low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s done to look natural in the first place, so no frequent color touch-ups are necessary.


This is not the ideal hair color plan if you have stubborn greys you want to cover up. The nature of this style is to look soft and natural. Covering white and grey hair requires a more bold and more saturated hair color treatment.

Like any hair dye, the balayage technique will eventually dry out your hair if you’re not keeping up with healthy hair habits and using quality products. If you invest in color-safe hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and serums, your balayage will last longer and your hair will remain strong and vibrant.

How to Choose the Right Balayage

It’s important to have the right haircut before you decide on a color. Consult your stylist on a haircut that flatters your face shape. Balayage highlights are a color technique that enhances your features so your haircut should assist with that.

Once you’ve decided on a haircut, then you and your stylist can figure out the best colors for your balayage. A good colorist will be able to find the perfect hue for your eye color and skin tone.

We Suggest:

  • Dark Skin Tone: ash blonde, caramel, and pale strawberry

  • Medium Skin Tone: auburn red, chocolate brown, and golden blonde balayage

  • Light Skin Tone: copper red, honey-blonde, and light brown tones

You can also work with your stylist to see which method of color application will work best for your haircut and personal style. Some options are larger, chunky sections of hair color, a sun-kissed feathered blend, or just face-framing highlights. Balayage is a style that requires more preparation than most, but it’s worth it.

Bring pictures of color options and styles you have in mind. Don’t be shy about scheduling a consultation with your stylist to make sure you’re sharing the same vision and be open to your stylist’s suggestions.

In Conclusion

When choosing the right balayage for you, consider your face shape, skin tone, hair texture, and hair length. Find a stylist that has experience using this method and can make good suggestions. It’s also a good idea to know which type of color distribution technique you’re leaning toward. We hope this article has provided you with enough information and inspiration to make you feel confident and excited about your beautiful balayage experience.


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