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All You Need to Know on Keratin Smoothing Treatment

If you are burdened by unmanageable, frizzy hair and are praying to the hair gods for a quick and easy hair routine in the mornings, then look no further. A keratin smoothing treatment, or a "Brazilian blowout", may be the answer you’ve been seeking.

What Is A Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

In short, it tames your mane so your hair is consistently looking its best.

The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair. This layer swells when it is exposed to moisture. As the moisture escapes, it causes the hair to get dry and frizzy, resulting in breakage and damaged hair.

When we apply a keratin smoothing treatment to the hair, we seal down that cuticle, causing it to retain its moisture. Keratin, a natural protein, then serves as a layer of protection on your hair.

A keratin smoothing treatment is the organic process that achieves this shiny smoothness through product and heat application. There are various keratin treatments out there, so be sure to do some research and make an informed decision you are comfortable with.

Ask yourself what you want the final result to look like. For example, some treatments will straighten your hair completely, while others will remove frizz, but not your curls.

The Keratin Hair Treatment Process

The entire keratin smoothing treatment process can take anywhere between 2-4 hours, depending on hair length and natural texture.

First, your stylist will wash your hair to remove any excess oils and hair products.

Next, your hairstylist will apply the keratin treatment onto your hair, where it will sit for 30 minutes. Some stylists prefer to apply it on wet hair, while others prefer a dry hair application. It’s their personal preference!

Last, the stylist will flat iron your hair in small sections to seal the product in because the keratin smoothing treatment is heat activated.

Is It The Same As A Relaxer Or Japanese Straightening Treatment

No, keratin treatments use natural proteins, are different from artificial, chemical relaxers.

Japanese straighteners and relaxers are also permanent and must grow out. This can be a long, tedious process, especially since there is a noticeable difference between the chemically straightened hair and your natural hair texture and growth.

Keratin treatments slowly fade from the hair, looking blended and natural in the process.

Can You Get One If You Have Curly Or Color Treated Hair

Yes and Yes!

Keratin smoothing treatments are beneficial to all hair types, especially naturally coarse or curly hair.

Keratin can also extend the life of your color, so if you’re thinking about getting it done, get your color first at the hair salon and the keratin treatment directly after. Your new shade will stay vibrant, longer!

How Long Does It Last & Aftercare

Results can last up to 4-6 months assuming you stay diligent with the aftercare.

When you first get your treatment, do not wash your hair for 4-5 days. After this, try not to wash your hair more than 1-2 times per week. The more washes, the quicker the keratin breaks down. Keratin is technically considered semi-permanent but the more washes, the faster it loses its permanence.

Also, be sure to use sulfate free shampoos and conditioner to prolong the life of your keratin treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of this hair smoothing treatment can vary from $100-$500, depending on which treatment system you choose and the length and thickness of your hair.

Can You Do It Yourself At Home?

Although it can be done, it’s not recommended unless you are already highly skilled in hair care. It can be cheaper, but DIY keratin treatments do not last as long as the salon brands.

You must also be sure to follow instructions to the letter and make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

Pros and Cons Of A Keratin Smoothing Treatment

  • Pros: Your hair is healthier, more protected, and grows faster. You get longer lasting results that can last up to 6 months if managed appropriately. It’s a safer alternative to relaxants and can prolong the life of your color treated hair.

  • Cons: Some products can contain formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical. Be sure you and your stylist are diligent about researching the ingredients. Chlorine and salt water can shorten the life of the keratin. Keratin treatments are not recommended for pregnant women. Make sure you choose a product that is formaldehyde free by consulting your stylist.

Keratin Smoothing Treatments are an excellent and healthy alternative to harsh relaxers and time-consuming flat ironing. It’s the perfect way to safely experiment with straight hair without a permanent commitment.

Asking yourself "Where is the best keratin smoothing treatment near me?". We offer Cezanne keratin smoothing treatments right here at Salon Dior.

Are you ready for hair that is silky smooth and boasts a sparkling luster? Want to shorten your morning routine?

We thought so!


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